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This life-size cutout of the Miz will have any WWE fans hopping with joy. One of the faces of WWE, his cutout is absolutely a must-have for those who love modern wrestling.

Highest Quality
Eight-time Intercontinental Championship Winner
Starred in Miz and Mrs. (Absolutely Magnificent Name for a Show)
Impeccable Naming Sense


From Miz and Mrs. to “the Miztourage”, the Miz has shown he’s a modern genius. He even renamed a regular, boring old clothesline move to “the Mizline.” Anyone can see that he’s simply a genius at work. What possible reason could you have to not want such an incredible influence in their home? If his overwhelming intelligence doesn’t convince you to invite him into your house, just fall back on his customary phrase for why everyone needs his cutout: “Because I’m the Miz and I’m awesome.” Order today, and he’ll ship in 1-2 business days.

  • 73 x 29 (height x width) inches
  • High-quality laminated image
  • Heavy-duty corrugated cardboard
  • Attached easel included
  • Free-standing or can hang on wall

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