Garazeb Zeb Orrelios (Star Wars Rebels)

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This life-sized Garazeb Orrelios cutout will liven up any occasion. Even to those who don’t care much for Rebels, Zeb is undeniably quite the loveable scamp.

Highest Quality
Loves Beating Up Stormtroopers
One of Few Surviving Lasat
Bo-Rifle Expert


Despite his gruff exterior, Zeb is actually quite the compassionate fellow. Given that he’s someone who cares deeply for his companions, a few friends to go along with this cutout wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Keep in mind that he can be rash though, so tread carefully when he’s nearby. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing a creature with strength, reflexes, and agility much greater than your own (unless you’ve surpassed human limits somehow). Order today, and he’ll ship in 1-2 business days.

  • 83 x 35 (height x width) inches
  • High-quality laminated image
  • Heavy-duty corrugated cardboard
  • Attached easel included
  • Free-standing or can hang on wall

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